• $999.00

SlingStudio Multi-Camera and Live Video Broadcaster

The power of HD multi-camera video is what every production needs. SlingStudio is multi-camera made easy, and it works well with professional cameras and smartphones. Even better, it’s all portable and wireless, which helps simplify your shoots and frees you from the shackles of conventional camera setups.

Whether you’re inside or outside, SlingStudio will work its magic from wherever you are. With the SlingStudio Battery and an iPad by your side, you can easily connect your SlingStudio to the Internet to broadcast your HD production live from almost anywhere.

With the free SlingStudio Console app for iPad, your production studio sits right in your hands. Broadcast live and wow your viewers on Facebook and YouTube with cool transitions and camera angles, including picture-in-picture and a quad view.

Now say goodbye to storage wrangling. With SlingStudio, recordings from each synchronized camera – plus the live-switched video you edited on location – are all stored in one place*, without the need to collect multiple files from multiple sources. Then you’re free to use your favorite video-editing and post-production tools.