• $109.00

XBAR FLYT Home Personal Fitness System

Take your workouts on the go with the XBAR | FLYT Portable Fitness System. This revolutionary system is totally versatile so you can stay in shape when you don’t have access to the gym. In addition, the XBAR | FLYT is travel-friendly, durable and lightweight. With the new Hex-Connect system, you now have six different docking angles for a wide range of exercises. This allows you to alternate between standing and floor exercises in a snap. The XBAR | FLYT also disconnects in the center. With this design, it’s not only perfect for travel, but you get even more exercise options such as army crawls, lateral raises, and much more. However, when connected, the XBAR | FLYT feels like one solid bar and can handle even the toughest workouts. Totally intuitive, it’s an entire gym in the palm of your hands. The XBAR | FLYT will transform the way you workout.