• $99.00

ETHER Transmitter | The First Pro-Audio Transmitter

ETHER Transmitter will pair with any Bluetooth wireless headphones, or earbuds, allowing DJs and performers the ability to playback audio signal at a low-latency rate, unperceivable to the human ear. Whether you’re in the studio recording vocals, or on stage spinning live – untether yourself with the ETHER Transmitter. Simply pair your Bluetooth audio device to the transmitter, plug it in, and enjoy the liberation of a wireless performance! The ETHER Transmitter by ETHER Electronics is the first low-latency pro-audio all-in-one Bluetooth 1/4″ adapter. It lets you instantly share wireless audio with any Bluetooth capable earbuds, headphones or speakers. This is what the DJ community has been waiting for. Cut those wires, and be liberated! ETHER Transmitter will allow you to use any Bluetooth headphones or speakers to enjoy an untethered performance. It’s the world’s first Bluetooth 1/4″ adapter designed specifically for the performer — as well as musicians interested in a low-latency wireless performance.