• $35.00

Moonlite – A Bedtime Story Projector For Your Mobile Phone

Make those bedtime stories come to life with the Moonlite – Bedtime Story Projector. This projector has full HD story images and in-app sound effects. As a result, reading experience will be more immersive for your kids. In fact, the projector will make your kids more excited for their bedtime hours. You can use it in four easy steps. First, insert the story reel on the projector. Second, you need to attach it to your phone. Then open the Moonlite app and launch your favorite story. The full-color HD projections and also the sound effects turn a simple bedtime story magical. The idea is to merge the digital and physical books into one entertaining experience for your kids. Overall, this Bedtime Story Projector is perfect for the little ones in your family.