• $598.50

Piano Table Lamp From QisDesign

Inspired by the piano, the Piano Lamp allows users to play with the light as if they were playing the piano. Utilizing the incorporated LED’s low-temperature feature, it is possible to touch the product’s surface without being burned. The pioneering Piano Lamp allows consumers to interact with the light. The illumination is made possible by a special light guide technique, another living example of how QisDesign brings technology into home décor products. Not only is it fun to play with, it also provides enough illumination for reading. Its piano-like sleek feel, combined with the fun-to-play interface, brings consumers an amazing experience. Not only does the function take cue from the piano, the form also sports an elegant and classic look. The lighting panel is composed of independent units; each can work individually or in harmony. A simple and gentle tilt of the keys activates the illumination and fills the space with warm and tender light. Slide your fingers across the keys and experience a unique illuminating interface. A melody of light will entrance you as it flows out from the Piano Lamp!