• $109

Muggino Self-Powered Smart Mug

Muggino® is a self-powered smart mug that keeps both hot and cold drinks in your favorite temperature zones for much longer than you have ever been able to before. Patented technology allows Muggino® to do this while conserving energy from waste heat.

Muggino® keeps your drink just right, period. No fuss, no programming, hot remains hot, cold remains cold, and heat outside the range of optimum drinking is stored in the form of energy for later use.

However, just as humans are different, so are their tastes. The MuggiApp™ has been exclusively designed for Muggino® in order to allow users to tune their preferences at will.

After filling Muggino® with a nice hot beverage, sensors instantly gauge the temperature as the control unit compares it to the user’s preference. If too hot, Muggino® harvests what in any other mug is waste heat and converts it to electricity, and stores it in the battery. When the liquid reaches the user’s optimal temperature, Muggino® keeps it there using its agile and efficient heating system.