• $129.00

Ding, A beautifully simple smart doorbell

Talk with the person at your front door wherever you are in the world. With the smart doorbell, You will never miss an important package or visitor again!

The smart doorbell is made up of three parts, a subtle doorbell button that sits near your door, an elegant doorbell chime that sits in the home and a free app for your smartphone. 

When a visitor presses the button, the chime rings in your home and also connects to the Ding app on your smartphone, allowing you to talk with the person at your front door from wherever you are in the world.

At the moment there are either “dumb doorbells” that come with your house or are bought in a rush from a hardware store or “smart doorbells” that are driven by technology, offering you more features than you could ever use.

At Ding They want to give your doorbell some love and also think about what more it can do for you. We believe that you need a doorbell to be:

  • simple, that doesn’t need a lengthy user manual to setup or use. 
  • beautiful, because you’ve already spent a month picking out paint colours. 
  • smart, because the rest of your life is already on your phone.  

They think that smart doorbells should look small, beautiful and contemporary to suit your modern home, so they made the Button and Chime as elegant as possible.

The Button is as small and simple with a choice of colours and it’s slender enough to fit on your doorframe. The Chime is a fabric covered speaker with a choice of textiles, that can either sit on a shelf or be mounted on the wall. 

They are making Ding in a CHARCOAL colour scheme which is subtle enough to suit most doors and interiors.

The App

Use the Ding App to receive calls straight from your front door, keep track of all your visitors and also silence the interior chime when you need some quiet time in your home.