• $239.99

Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker | Light up your sound

Discover new experiences

Wake up to the sound of your favorite station — all you have to do is switch on the light. The LED Bulb Speaker seamlessly brings music to any room in the house, so you can easily set the soundtrack to your day.

Music from a lightbulb

Just replace your standard lightbulb to start listening. The speaker is totally wireless and blends easily into any interior.

Sound from above

Relax as sound and light pours over you from above, just like in a hotel or café.

Music anywhere

Enjoy music anywhere you have an E26 lightbulb socket, without any need for batteries, charging or cables.

Find the perfect shade

With 192 colour settings and 32 levels of brightness, you can find the perfect tone for every mood – with no wires to ruin the experience.

Smart control

Easily set the color and brightness with our dedicated LED Bulb Speaker Application. You can also take control of your music with the SongPal app. Just tap your smartphone to the remote to get started.