• $80

Bulat: Your Go-To Kitchen Knife by Bulat

Your go-to kitchen knife 

You arrive home with fresh ingredients, eager to prepare a great meal. You lay everything out on the counter and reach for a knife – your favorite knife. The one that’s dirty, but you stop to clean it anyway. The knife that makes you a more confident and creative cook. The right knife.

Bulat’ve made that knife. By combining the very best of eastern and western knifemaking, Bulat’ve created an incredibly sharp, beautiful, premium blade – and we’re bringing it to you for a non-premium price.

The right blade

Your chef knife is central to creating nearly every dish. Whether you’re mincing chives, or cutting apart a whole chicken, the chef knife can do it all.

However, your choices at the store are confusing. Cheap knives are clunky to use and dull quickly. Even if you’re willing to spend more, unfamiliar features and a wide spectrum of prices can make the options overwhelming. Finding the right blade can be a frustrating experience, but we don’t think that needs to be the case.

An incredible knife for a fair price 

The world of chef knives is out of date. The big knife brands are operating on outdated sales margins that inflate the price of knives sold at a retail store. By avoiding the traditional retail sales model and bringing our product to you directly online, Bulat have created a great knife for a fraction of the price.

Don’t waste your money on a knife block filled with knives you’ll never use. Get the one knife you’ll reach for again and again.