• $18.00

UsBidi Charger – The World’s Most Intelligent Charger

UsBidi Charger – The World’s Most Intelligent Charger for Your iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and Tablets. | Intelligent charging cable for iPhone, android. Smart charger charges your phone twice as fast and keep your battery healthier,maxmises your battery life.

  • Extends Battery Life, Keeps Battery Healthier


Cuts off power completely once fully charged, so you don’t have to unplug. Removes battery damages overnight and extends battery life next day.

  • Charges Your Phone 2x As Fast


When you finish syncing, simply touch the button to switch into “smart and fast mode”. Now UsBidi charges your phones twice as fast, cutting the charging time in half.

  • LED & Magnet. Durable & Colorful


LED indicator tells charging status from distance. Magnetic ends help tidy hold. Durable&strong – no more frayed or tangled cords. Colors and right length for your choice.