• $129.95

MAQE SOUNDJUMP Aluminum Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with removable magnetic 6000mAh powerbank

Soundjump wireless bluetooth 4.0 speaker – black – Portable audio with premium sound perfectly paired with long lasting power. Featuring dual front-facing 45mm full range drivers and two front & back passive radiators for deep, balanced bass, the SOUNDJUMP is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Packed with a DSP (digital signal processor) and a Class-D amplifier to hit the highest highs and deepest lows, you can crank out music at any volume and have crystal clear sound. What’s more, unlike other speakers with internal battery systems, our premium speaker will never have to be replaced because of the battery losing charge. One of the most compact speakers on the market packing 6000 mAh of power, the simple magnetic removable battery enables you to power your world with music for days at a time – additional battery units available so your world keeps turning even when you forget to charge. One more thing, when on the go and need a charge, remove the compact magnetic 6000mAh Jumpsix powerbank and take it with you to recharge your mobile device or smartphone up to 3 times. Designed by MAQE