• $149

Sony DSC-QX10/B Attachable Zoom Lens For Smartphones

Product Description

Introducing the first-ever zoom lens and sensor combo that clips right to your smartphone. Now you can get 10x closer to the action with your phone-and share Pictures instantly online for maximum “likes” It’s never been easier or more convenient to capture and share special moments in the beautiful quality they deserve.

Reasons to buy

  • Enthusiast image quality on your phone: No smartphone camera can compete with the QX100’s 1-inch, 20MP sensor, especially at higher sensitivities.
  • Simple sharing: Since you’re controlling the camera with your smartphone, sending your photos onto social networking sites is as easy as you’ll find.
  • Photo freedom: The QX100 doesn’t have to be clamped onto your phone at all times. If you want to mount it on your dog or just take self-portraits, it’s no problem.

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