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Sleepace® Reston Bluetooth 4.0 Sleep Monitor Sensor -Nothing to wear Achieve your best sleep

A Non-wearable Smart Device That Truly Understands And Improves Your Sleep.

RestOn uses multiple ways to collect data to achieve comprehensive sleep parameter monitoring

Heart rate and respiratory rate are measured in real time to read as accurately as possible. The device records the time it takes to fall asleep, the actual sleep time.

Non-wearable is Smarter

RestOn is designed to be seamlessly incorporated into your sleeping haven. It is non-wearable and ultra-thin. With one single snap of the magnetic lid, the device is fixed on the sheet and automatically turned on at the same time.

The Most Accurate Sleep Monitor Ever

RestOn’s accuracy can benchmark medical devices and surpass any wristband. RestOn’s innovative structure embeds a 2-foot long medical-grade sensor into a less than 2 mm thin belt, and can be placed right under your chest area during sleep. Its accuracy is reinforced by the sensor’s advanced sensitivity, extra-large impact area and close proximity to your vitals. RestOn also utilizes pioneering algorithms that ensures that each set of data is clearly distinguished and analyzed..

Analyze Your Sleep Quality

Besides monitoring real-time heart rate and respiratory rate, RestOn can also keep a comprehensive score of your sleep. Sleep time and duration, number of times waking up and/or turning over and leaving the bed as well as breathing and heart rate are analyzed to determine the actual sleep quality.

NOX Sleep System

Smart alarm to wake you up naturally

Being awoken from light sleep vs. deep sleep leaves you feeling more refreshed. RestOn will let your smart phone know when you are at the lightest part of your sleep cycle and Nox will wake you up within 30 minutes prior to the time you set. That way, you always wake up at the right time for you.

Your Own Personal Sleep and Health Consultant

Scientific evaluation and smart analysis of individual sleep report and status of each person. The APP provides sleep consultation, tips and suggestions for exercise, diets, sleep habits, etc. to help users create their perfect personal sleep plan and improve their sleep quality.

Sleep quality shareable to your family

The Sleepace App is connected to a family cloud account in which you can check and compare your family members’ sleep reports and status wherever you are.

The individual analysis makes it easy to achieve your best sleep

Sleep Facts Wiki, Sleep Analysis and Sleep Advice – all in the palm of your hand.


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