• $38

Bilio Koala Mask is knit using Antimicrobial SilverKiss technology

The Bilio Koala Mask has an intentional design from the yarn up to create an innovative knit face mask. Made in the US and built to last, the Bilio Mask is knit-to-shape with zero waste. Washable, reusable, and zonally engineered, it fits a broad range of unique facial profiles. Bilio Mask uses its proprietary SilverKiss™ technology, a blend of silver-coated recycled polyester yarns, to filter 0.27-micron bacteria at a rate of 90%. Moreover, it has a Particle Filtration Efficiency of over 85% with particles that are just 0.1 microns. The Bilio Mask comes with a custom CNC copper wire nose crimp that gives the mask a face-fitting seal. The integrated elastic ear loops are comfortable to wear for hours on end, and you’ll love that this mask doesn’t cause your face to break out. Finally, with over 14 color options, there’s a Koala Mask hue for you.