• $1,499.00

Cradlewise 3-In-1 Smart Crib With Responsive Soothing, Baby Monitoring And Sleep Tracking

Cradlewise Smart Crib 3-in-1 Smart crib with responsive soothing, baby monitoring and sleep tracking that helps your baby sleep better. Integrates the easy access of a bassinet, the safety of a crib and the peace of mind of a baby monitor for your baby’s sleep from 0 to 24 months. Cradlewise has a built-in baby monitor that not only notifies you when the baby wakes up but also responds immediately to safeguard your baby’s sleep.

  • Smart Crib
  • Bassinet attachment
  • Mattress with cover
  • 2 Fitted sheets
  • Baby monitor
  • Sleep tracker
  • Power cord
  • iPhone & Android App