• $49.99

VOAMOKO Metal Mouse Pad with USB Hub SD & Micro SD Slots

The amazing VOAMOKO USB mouse pad is a simple device that will make your life a lot easier. The soft and smooth gliding side is perfect for precise work with your mouse, no matter if its for graphic design or gaming. The USB hub is a great innovation that shortens the data transfer time and makes your entire desktop more compact and tidier.

  • The Voamoko mouse pad is a great accessory for your desk
  • Can be used with any device
  • The side USB hub ensures a reliable connection
  • Smooth and lean surface, ideal for precise work with your mouse
  • Elegant and minimalist white color
  • Made with durable aluminum
  • The hub includes: 3 USB ports, SD and Micro SD card slots, Gigabit Ethernet
  • J-45 Gigabit Ethernet port automatically adapts to 10M/100M/1000Mbps network transmission
  • No drive design
  • High-speed transfer reaches up to 5Gb/s
  • Easy setup