• $39.99

Slope Patented Tablet Stand by Wiplabs

Thanks to its unique design the Slope will work with any tablet on the market (iPad, Samsung, etc…). The innovative micro suction technology of the Slope allows you to easily anchor your table to the stand by just pressing your tablet against it. The same pad is used to hold the Slope on your desk.

The slope is timeless and will work with all future tablets as long as they have a big flat surface at the back. With time the micro pores of the suction pad can lose grip because of dust. If that happens simply pass your Slope under clean water to clear the dust.

  • Works with all Tablets and SmartPhones
  • Crafted from Anodized Aluminum
  • Holds your tablets thanks to a unique suction pad
  • Available in two sizes: Slope (Tablets around 9.4inches) and Slope Mini (Tablets around 8inches)