• $9.98

Apple Pencil Silicone Grip NimbleGrip For Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2 By UPPERCASE

You’re never without one thing. Your paintbrush. Your notetaker. Your red marker. Your Apple Pencil. But to reach peak productivity, you need to give it the right support. Something that cushions your fingers from from the stylus’rigid, slim— and slippery — surface. Something like the Nimble Grip. Ergonomically designed, NimbleGrip offers padding and gives your hand a little relief — so you never have to take a break in the middle of a creative burst. And a premium silicone construction means the right amount of firmness; something sturdy and non-slip yet comfortable enough to last all day in the classroom or the boardroom. A smoothly transitioned hexagonal design ensures your Apple Pencil won’t roll round when you set it down. With the NimbleGrip, you can show your artistic side or get down to business — without needing to hit pause.