• $999.95

Ricoh Theta Z1 Handheld 360° Camera

You can captures high-definition 360° images in 23MP (6720×3360) for still images with the Ricoh Theta Z1 Handheld 360° Camera. Z1 Equipped with a 1.0-inch back illuminated CMOS image sensor with an output pixel of approximately 23MP (6720×3360) effective megapixels. Achieves the highest ISO6400 and demonstrates superior noise reduction performance even when shooting in situation which require high sensitivity such as dimly lit indoors and at night. And records high definition 360° video at 30 fps in 4K (3840×1920). Ricoh Theta Z1 Equipped with an organic EL panel on a compact body. Shooting information such as battery level, shooting mode, remaining number of images which can be shoot, the F value and ISO value can be confirmed at a glance. With RICOH THETA Z1, both RAW(DNG)+JPEG and JPEG formats can be saved, to allow the users to enjoy more camera-like colors and image quality editing. In addition to basic functions, RICOH THETA Z1 uses an Android-based operating system that can be evolved by adding a variety of functions.