• $169.99

SCUF Vantage Gaming Controller By playstation

The SCUF Vantage designed to improve performance, comfort and maximize hand use. Featuring a fully modular design, the look and feel of this device is easily customizable. The SCUF Vantage comes with added inputs including Sax buttons and pack buttons so you can do more with your hands. It also includes an interchangeable magnetic faceplate, Audio Touch Bar, magnetic D-Pad, Removable Vibration Modules, Asymmetric Thumbstick Layout and more. Ideal for competitive gamers, the PS4-compatible controller provides more features and full customization so you can reduce your response time. Designed for all types of gamers, the controller fits comfortably in most hand sizes, especially once you customize it to your liking. Furthermore, the SCUF Vantage is available in wireless and wired models. The wireless model comes with the added bonus of a dual mode that enables toggling between USB and Bluetooth connectivity.