• $45

Prelude Qi Wireless Portable Charger By BEZALEL

The Prelude wireless power bank ‘sticks’ on your smartphone and conveniently charges your devices without any cords or cases required. Prelude works beautifully with Apple iPhone’s (8 and newer), Samsung Galaxy’s (S6 and newer), Sony Xperia’s (XZ2 and newer), and many, many more. 

BEZALEL’s Prelude is your newest everyday carry power bank that slips in your pocket and leaves the messy cables at home. The Prelude power bank has a 5,000mAh battery capacity that with a 15W maximum output that’s capable of supporting the latest fast-charging technologies on Apple iPhones, Samsung smartphones, and more even while charging devices cord-free with its wireless charging technology. The Prelude can charge an iPhone in roughly 50% less time using fast-charge technology, while charging itself wireless or traditionally with an added USB-C port with a max output of 18W if needed.