• $549.99

HP 590-p0050 Pavilion Desktop Computer

This desktop PC  HP 590-p0050 Pavilion exceeds expectations with a new generation of performance, the freedom to store what you need, and a sleek design that cuts down on size. This PC comes with the latest Hexa-Core Intel Core i5 processor and Intel Optane flash memory. It also features advanced Intel UHD integrated graphics, which all work together to make your activities faster and easier. Likewise, the HP 590-p0050 provides enough power for you to edit photos, watch videos, connect with loved ones and more. Additionally, the desktop computer flawlessly boots up in seconds. You can even achieve near SSD performance without losing valuable hard drive storage space thanks to the Intel Optane memory. This smart system accelerator helps your performance by learning from the way you use your computer. Featuring a sleek design, the HP 590-p0050 computer is compact yet lets you store what you need. Easily save anything you like thanks to its storage and speed capabilities.