• $28

XCLEAR Nano-Suction GoPro Camera Mount By Getxclear

Quickly stick your action camera to any surface with the XCLEAR Nano-Suction GoPro Camera Mount. This versatile mount uses millions of tiny suction cups to stay in place, making it durable and reusable. Additionally, the XCLEAR doesn’t collect dirt and won’t leave any residue thanks to its adhesive-free design. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in your wallet. Compatible with multiple GoPros and action cameras, the XCLEAR mount attaches to practically any smooth surface. In fact, it securely mounts to metal, glass, wood, plastic, tiles, stone, paint, and concrete. Aside from using it as a mount, the XCLEAR also works as a screen protector, phone handgrip, and webcam. You can even use it to hold your phone when you want to go hands free.