• $360.00

M60-A USB-C Mechanical Keyboard By Rama Works

The M60-A represents the benchmark and equilibrium between function and design for us at Rama Works. The gently exaggerated design of the frame is not understated, but rather provocative. Inspiration and evolution from previous models are evident in the beautifully articulated design and the well defined aesthetic, the fingerprint of our ‘Industrial Modern’ designs. The M60-A offers a unique contender in the traditional 60% form factor.

Expertly milled down from a single piece of solid brass & aluminium to it’s final shape, hand polished to a mirror finish & beadblasted to a high grit finish, then PVD coated or anodized to the perfect color.

In an effort to provide the best end-user experience available, this board requires no soldering to construct with any Cherry MX-compatible switches. The M60-A offers a USB-C connection attached to the USB Extension PCB. There will be additional PCBs also available for individual sale. The board includes in-switch RGB LEDs under the PCB, which require no installation. PCB design by Wilba.

There is also an optional interior weight for extra heft. The optional interior weight is a beadblasted brass weight which has been PVD coated. The weight adds some extra stability to the exceptionally solid build of the M60-A weighing altogether close to 2.3kg (1.6kg without the additional weight).