• $15.30

3COIL Puna & Crane Folding Scalpel Blade Multi-Tool

The “Puna” is a knife designed for the modern world. Beautifully designed, meticulously engineered and exceptionally flexible, the “Puna” is your perfect everyday carry tool. Not only does it look amazing, it is extremely tough, and will withstand years of use. This durable and aesthetically appealing multi-tool is ideal for cutting, unscrewing, twisting, prying and opening bottles. The Puna easily detaches and is ready to use in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the Puna features replaceable blades. Similarly, simply press the safety button to remove the blade. Once you remove the knife, it fits snugly in your hand. With its unique design, the blade sits securely under your finger, offering optimal control and precise cutting. Furthermore, you can use the discreetly hidden micro-screwdriver to maintain the knife. Likewise, just remove two screws to safely swap out the blades, without requiring any additional tools. The micro screwdriver is also handy for other small jobs such as tightening your glasses. Finally, all 3COIL knives unclip or fold, remaining safe while on the go.