• $149.00

Migo Portable Internet-Enabled 3D Printer

Enjoy simple and accessible 3D printing with the Migo Portable Internet-Enabled 3D Printer. By streamlining the printing process, this compact 3D printer allows you to focus on your designs. Without the use of complex cables, you can directly connect to the internet to control Migo. Additionally, you can control and monitor the device in real time through the app or browser. Featuring an innovative framework design, Migo is lightweight and stable. Likewise, its unibody structure offers better precision. With its minimalist design, Migo comfortably fits on your desktop. Migo is also easy to use thanks to its plug and print feature that offers self-leveling capabilities. Furthermore, Migo comes with multi-thread slicers and allows for batch printing. Migo even provides numerous creative apps. Finally, Migo is available in two sizes.