• $3,183.47

Touchscreen Smart Mirror 23,6″/60cm by Mues-Tec

The moisture resistant (IP65) Mues-Tec Smart Mirror enriches any type of space with its elegant, simple style and provides on-demand information at the right time in the right place. Ideal for the bathroom with the possibility of integrating countless smart gadgets via Bluetooth, such as weight scales, blood pressure monitors, toothbrushes, etc. Of course, you may also integrate any smart home system and monitor and manage it here.  The built-in camera enlarges any desired area of coverage with the practical characteristic of a magnifying glass while the integrated microphone further warrants an uncomplicated voice control. Due to the current Android system, all available apps in the Google Playstore may be installed and are waiting to be used in their near limitless possibilities. A truly accomplished product by Mues-Tec.

Operating the Smart Mirror by Mues-Tec is easy as pie. Whether you prefer voice control, the comfortable capacitive touchscreen or gadgets such as pointers or keyboards, the means of communicating and controlling the Smart Mirror are near endless. Integrated features such as, Bluetooth, WIFI and a microphone set the stage for state-of-the-art communication and easy way of communicating with your Mirror.