To use this site you must also comply with the site requirements, otherwise it will result in the failure to upload pictures, unable to Add Pin and other issues, please understand.

Image Requirements: This site supports .jpg\.jpeg\.png\.gif image formats. The best recommended resolution is 700x700pix. It can also be other resolutions, but the width cannot be lower than 500pix and the size cannot be higher than 2M . The picture is a pure picture with no trademark and no watermarks. Please keep the overall appearance of the picture. The sample image is as follows:

Upload pictures: This site supports local upload and from web links.

Add Pin : Title is required, otherwise it cannot be Pin it. Tags are separated by commas; Source is the main link of the product, which is the purchase link that can be seen on the single page; Video link only supports Youtube and VimoCoupon Source is a coupon link and can be filled in directly. Board can be added according to the product type, click Add new board, But Board Category can not be edited and changed.

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